Mask Jambs and Openings Negotiation Tool

Mask Jambs and Openings Negotiation Tool

  • $ 35.00


Help your estimators justify and get paid for masking jambs and openings with this REFINISH negotiation tool.  This negotiation tool follows the four negotiation questions, developed by Mike Anderson.  Question 1: Is it required to return the vehicle back to pre-accident condition?  Question 2: Is it included in any other labor operation?  Question 3: Is there a pre-determined time in the estimating systems?  Question 4: If not, what is it worth?


  • 8.5" X 11" Spiral Bound Booklet
  • Printed with Color Cover
  • 46 interior pages, printed black and white
  • Fast shipping - printed and shipped within 2 days of receiving your order
  • Customize with your logo

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