Delivering Exceptional Customer Service 2 Disc Set

  • $ 79.99

This 2-disc DVD set allows you to watch Mike Anderson present his "Delivering Exceptional Customer Service" course. It includes over 4 hours of video.  

The course focuses on how to take care of your customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality advice and assistance before, during and after the repair process.  In the collision repair industry, typically our customer service is based on these interactions.

  1. Phone Greeting
  2. In Person Greeting
  3. The Sales Process
  4. Check-in
  5. During the Repair Process 
  6. At Delivery 
  7. CSI Survey 

 Watch Mike present best practices for making the most of every step in the process.

This program includes:

  • How to avoid giving a delivery date during check-in
  • How to educate the customer about the repair process
  • How to introduce the terminology on the CSI survey and subliminally use it throughout the repair process
  • The importance of keeping the customer informed
  • How to deliver the vehicle back to the customer
  • How to increase your CSI survey response rate
  • Prepping the customer to score you well