Collision Advice Estimator Negotiations - How to get more of what you want

This is a new subscription service offered by Collision Advice.

Each month, subscribers will receive:

  • A Collision Advice Negotiation Tool
  • A 15-20 minute eLearning module explaining the negotiation tool and how to use it with insurers

Quarterly, subscribers will receive:

  • State of the Industry update

All presentations are narrated by Mike Anderson, an acknowledged industry expert in estimating.

Topics include:

  • Electronics (D&R Battery and set back of electronics with 12" of welding)
  • Extending clear to the natural breaking point
  • Prepping raw plastic components
  • Color matching or tinting
  • Corrosion protection - foam
  • Second color setup¬†
  • And many more

This service will be launched in January 2015.